Sex With Women

Don’t ask her what turns her on...

If you ask a woman about this, she’ll probably tell you,
“Yes! Any woman would 
appreciate you asking her
how she likes to be satisfied..

That shows that you’re a good communicator and a
caring lover! I wish more men were like that!”

Unfortunately, this could not be more wrong.

Even more than leading in dancing, women expect,
appreciate, and are turned-on by 
men who LEAD
in bed, and know how to confidently create a
sexual adventure for them WITHOUT having to ask.

Of course all women are different and are turned
on by different things, so that could present a dilemma…

The Answer:

Be so comfortable and at ease with your own turn-on
and the things YOU enjoy in bed 
that it gives her
permission to be open with her own sexuality.

This allows her to get turned on by your arousal,
it makes her comfortable to reveal 
what she likes
without you having to ask, and it allows her to
explore and enjoy a larger 
range of sexual fun…
thanks to YOU.
But how do you get to this level? 

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