Can you be a "Nice Guy", but still get laid?

Women say they want a "Nice Guy", but the idea of nice guy is often a PUSSY guy, unable to make any decisions and basically just kissing her ass.
But that's not "Nice Guy"- that's being a LIAR and a SNEAK.
I say that because most of those "Nice Guy" guys are not actually like that, and have REAL desires, and REAL opinions when they're with people they trust.
By acting all "meek" the "Nice Guy" shows that he's a liar and isn't to be trusted because he's putting on a totally fake character for the woman- and women VALUE trust.
So, she trusts the "Nice Guy" to be her "friend" (which is what he asks for), but doesn't trust him to rip her clothes off.
As you can see from all of the Top Ten YouTube Proposals videos, these guys have balls:

Being true to yourself takes BALLS (I wrote about this on another blog) and so instead of being a weak-willed pussy about stuff, I want you to be a ROMANTIC MAN and reveal your TRUE passions and desires to her- you'll both prefer this version of you!

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